Feat. Brandon Stover, Founder of Plato University

January 2022

Feat. Hsuieh Dean Lee, Founder of Nomadic School
Feat. Vriti Saraf, Founder of k20 Educators
Feat. Victoria Ransom, Founder of Prisma

December 2021

Feat. Carla Marschall & Elizabeth O. Crawford, Authors of Worldwise Learning
Feat. Raya Bidshahri, Founder of School of Humanity
Feat. guest Zoe Weil, Co-founder of the Institute for Humanity
A research audio documentary of leading educators, entrepreneurs, and thinkers on innovative solutions for K-12 education.

November 2021

Featuring guest Celine Halioua, Founder of Loyal
Featuring guest Claire Schmidt, Founder of AllVoices

October 2021

Featuring guests Rodney Campbell & Keith Richardson of the More In Common Podcast