EP 66 - How To Heal Society Through Compassionate Conversations

Featuring guests Rodney Campbell & Keith Richardson of the More In Common Podcast

Rodney Campbell & Keith Richardson are Co-Founders of More In Common and creators of the More In Common Podcast, a social experiment to prove that we have more in common than that which divides us and prove its beneficial to have conversation with people of disparate points of view. On their podcast they explore a variety of tough and controversial topics such as  race, politics, mental health, child abuse, parenting, and many others with guests ranging from Kristen Bell to Jason Primrose.

What You Will Learn In This Episode

  • Why we currently have so much disconnection and divide among people in our society

  • Why conversation is one of the foundational skills that underlies all other problems

  • How to have a compassionate conversation without having to agree with the other side or even like them

  • The power of podcasting to effect others

  • How to talk about controversial topics

  • and much more...

Full show notes, transcripts, and resources can be found here: evolvethe.world/episodes/66

Connect With Rodney & Keith:


(00:00) - Introduction

(01:02) - Rodney & Keith's Mission

(01:39) - Why Compassionate Conversation is a Metaskill?

(05:06) - How Evolution has Influenced Conversation

(09:54) - How Lack of Connection has Increased Loneliness and Depression

(15:29) - Self Awareness and Conversations

(19:11) - What is a Companionate Conversation and How Does It Feel?

(27:15)  - What it the M.O.R.E. Approach?

(31:48) - Why Did Rodney & Keith Start a Podcast to Demonstrate Compassionate Conversations?

(35:49) - How has the Podcast Changed Lives?

(39:53) - How To Help Others Open Up to Vulnerability

(42:36) - Rodney & Keith's First Discussions about Controversial Topics

(53:11) - Labels of Others and Us vs. Them

(59:04) - What They are Teaching Their Children About Human Connection

(1:03:20) - Call to Action

(1:05:04) - How To Push The World To Evolve