EP 67 - How To Make All Voices Heard For An Equal & Just Workplace

Featuring guest Claire Schmidt, Founder of AllVoices

Claire Schmidt is the CEO and Founder of AllVoices: A technology platform that enables employees to anonymously report bias, discrimination or sexual harassment to their company's leadership. By equipping companies with transparent data, leadership teams can actively work to improve their culture and move towards a more equal and just workplace. Prior to founding AllVoices, Claire served as Vice President of Technology and Innovation at Fox, the Senior Director of Giving at Thrive Market, as well as the Director of Programs at Thorn.

What You Will Learn In This Episode

  • How company culture has been changed by MeToo, BLM, COVID, and remote work

  • Why anonymous reporting helps create a psychologically safe and decent workplace

  • How to have a compassionate conversation without having to agree with the other side or even like them

  • The skills you need to start a career in social impact

  • How to quickly became an expert in any domain & surround yourself with mentors

  • Why you should raise more money for your startup in your pre-seed than you think

  • and much more...

Full show notes, transcripts, and resources can be found here: evolvethe.world/episodes/67

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(00:00) - Podcast Recommendation - Startups for Good with Miles Laster

(00:43) - Introduction

(02:09) - Claire's Mission

(02:23) - What Problems inside the Workplace?

(05:05) - Why do Whistleblower Hotlines and Culture Surveys Not Address the Issue?

(07:19) - How has MeToo, COVID, and BLM Changed Company Culture?

(08:46) - What is the State of The Workplace in 2021?

(11:23) - What About Remote Work?

(12:24)  - What is a Psychologically Safe and Decent Workplace?

(13:56) - What is AllVoices and How Does It Help?

(20:16) - Why Anonymity is Important

(25:05) - A Unique Benefit Available to Any Employee in Any Company

(29:41) - How Effective is AllVoices?

(32:24) - How Claire Builds Culture in AllVoices as CEO

(36:34) - What Work Still Needs Done in This Space?

(38:40) - How Claire Started Her Social Impact Career & The Skills She Learned

(42:47) - How to Quickly Became An Expert In Any Domain

(44:24) - How to Surround Yourself with Expert Mentors

(47:06) - Why Claire Quit Her Successful Career to Start AllVoices

(49:25) - How Claire Made Life Changing Decisions in the Beginning of AllVoices

(52:32) - Why You Should Raise More Money Than You Think in Your Pre-Seed

(56:03) - Why You Must Separate Your Identity From Your Startup

(58:04) - The Future of Company Culture

(1:00:51) - Call to Action

(1:02:29) - How To Push The World To Evolve