EP 68 - Cracking the Code on Longevity

Featuring guest Celine Halioua, Founder of Loyal

Celine Halioua wanted to help create better medicines for age-related diseases because she realized how much they rob us of our memory and personality, our independence, our comfort, and our dignity.

But witnessing so many other biotech companies pitch The Longevity Fund about taking a traditional route to tackling longevity, she knew she had to do things differently.

So she started looking for ways to test efficacy of new longevity drugs, significantly reduce research time, and all for a fraction of the price of traditional research.

She ended up creating Loyal, a biotech startup developing drugs to extend dog lifespan.

BUT with a twist!

If this life-extension research and drug development works for canines, her theory is that it could lead to breakthroughs for the rest of us humans for age related diseases!

She has raised over $38 million since being founded in 2019 and is development of two drugs targeting specific mechanisms to increase healthspan (quality of life) and lifespan (years of life).

In this episode of the Evolve Podcast, Celine is going to help us learn about how to solve longevity, how build a biotech company, and what it's like to go from academia to startups.

What You Will Learn In This Episode

  • Why cracking the code on a dog's can fix human age related diseases

  • What's wrong with the longevity field

  • How to go from academia to startups

  • The real mental and emotional challenges of being a founder

  • How to think about sacrifice, personal responsibility, and your own mortality

  • and much more...

Full show notes, transcripts, and resources can be found here: evolvethe.world/episodes/68

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(00:00) - Podcast Recommendation - #impact with Regina Larko

(00:43) - Introduction

(02:17) - Celine's Mission For Better Medicine and Healthcare

(04:40) - Why dog longevity to fix human illness

(07:11) - Why Celine cares so much about longevity

(09:39) - What's wrong with the longevity field

(11:57) - What does longevity actually look like

(14:04) - What is Loyal for dogs and what is it creating

(18:33)  - How Celine wants to inspire other biotech founders

(20:25) - How to manage senior talent as a young founder

(21:59) - How to go from academia to startups

(26:25) - The first step for creating a biotech company

(28:00) - Mental models, self awareness, and emotional challenges as a found

(34:12) - Sacrifice and personal responsibility

(35:32) - Are we all delaying our own mortality

(36:35) - Call to Action

(37:24) - How to push the world to Evolve